Our dealings with our business partners are based on proven values and principles. We take our inspiration from the highly successful GENUI entrepreneurs who are driven by ambition and courage, calculated risk, respect, perseverance, professionalism, focus and the belief that everyone can be motivated to excel if the relationship is managed correctly. What applies to people also applies to companies, since they mainly consist of the people working in them. Accordingly, our work always prioritises the “DNA” of the individuals, companies and industry involved.

Based on the above principles, we regard our main task as identifying what needs to be done by management and the respective company shareholders, assessing what is realistically possible and supporting the resulting action. We therefore only invest where a constructive dialogue with the relevant individuals is possible and there is a shared understanding of the contribution both sides can make.

We are committed to professional governance, whereby the management team runs the operational side of the business and is supported by an effective advisory board. The advisory board brings together the industry expertise and contacts of GENUIā€™s entrepreneurs with the process and transaction experience of the GENUI partners. Our proven governance model also ensures a growth-oriented management structure. At the same time, we believe that a long-term horizon is important for sustained and successful business development. GENUI is structured so that it can remain actively engaged as a shareholder for at least a decade.