We believe in
Good Entrepreneurship.

Investing with Entrepreneurs
to create strong returns and positive impact.

# 01

We jump on every bandwagon and have to join every hype.

Not. We only invest in long-term themes with "tailwind" and focus on companies that help to advance key issues of our society. The healthcare industry plays a key role in this.

Jörg Debatin,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Alain M. Cahen,
Managing Director labor team
Olivier Franscella,
Investment Advisor (GENUI AG, Switzerland)

Our journey with labor team

# 02

Traditions must be preserved
at all cost.

Not at all. We are forward looking and believe the only tradition worthwhile preserving is
the one of change. With digitalisation as one of our long-term investment themes, we also
focus on AI-supported software solutions implementing inclusive language in client communication.

Bernd-Michael Rumpf,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Britta Mühlenberg,
Chief Operating Officer Acrolinx
Patrick Gehlen,
GENUI Investor

Our journey with Acrolinx

# 03

Impact is an excellent marketing gimmick.

Not. Like Westbridge who helps decarbonise large real estate portfolios. We focus our investments on industries and companies which play a key role for our environment and society, and its challenges. The energy transition and its main drivers such as B2B energy and material efficiency as well as sustainable energy generation have become indispensable.

Andreas Jacobs,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Yama Mahasher,
Managing Director Westbridge
Christian van der Bosch,
GENUI Investor

Our journey with Westbridge

# 04

It took simply
another investment company
with sharper pencils.

Not. We have brought together investors and entrepreneurs, who have built market-leading companies, to be professional partners with other entrepreneurs. We contribute experience and network.

Hartmut Jenner,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Rolf Unterberger,
Managing Director Cherry
Sumeet Gulati,
GENUI Investor

This is how we did it at Cherry



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What unites us at GENUI is that we believe in Good Entrepreneurship. And, we have the honest claim of treating each other with respect at eye level - within the team and beyond.

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It is GENUI’s objective to achieve strong market financial returns by genuinely promoting social and ecological impact objectives. This is the core of what we call 'Good Entrepreneurship'. It is reflected in our culture, business processes and at all stages of the investment cycle.
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Please also refer to our Sustainability Policy
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At COP28, GENUI was recognised for its sustainable investment approach:
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GENUI supports leading sustainability initiatives and principles.

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