# 01

Entrepreneurship is a very serious matter.

Not. We are convinced that good entrepreneurship is, above all, fun. It is a vital source for the passion, strength and determination that are so important for entrepreneurial success, and it's needed even more at times when entrepreneurship is hard and laborious.

Patrick Gehlen,
GENUI Investor
Hubertus Bessau,
Managing Director mymuesli
Stefan Wernsing,
GENUI Entrepreneur

This is how we did it at mymuesli

# 02

It took simply
another investment company
with sharper pencils.

Not. We have brought together investors and entrepreneurs, who have built market-leading companies, to be professional partners with other entrepreneurs. We contribute experience and network.

Hartmut Jenner,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Rolf Unterberger,
Managing Director CHERRY
Sumeet Gulati,
GENUI Investor

This is how we did it at CHERRY

# 03

We're just
out for a quick buck.

Not. Sure, we want to earn good returns. In our view, however, these should be generated in a balance of economic, social and ecological measures. We call this Good Entrepreneurship. That is why we have also designed our structure for the long term.

Klaus Weinmann,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Amjad Liaquat,
Managing Director Mindcurv
Alexander Meier,
GENUI Investor

This is how we did it at Mindcurv

# 04

Scaling is the decisive factor - people are interchangeable

Not. We have ambition and want to help make successful solutions even better. At the same time, we are convinced that understanding and preserving the unique culture of a company is essential.

Andreas Jacobs,
GENUI Entrepreneur
Jan Oberbeck,
Managing Director All4Labels
Max Odefey,
GENUI Investor

This is how we did it at All4Labels

# 05

We always have smart advice and we get involved in the operational day-to-day business.

Not. We know how important professional governance is for the long-term success of a company. That is why we clearly distinguish between the operational responsibility of management and our involvement.

Torsten Toeller, GENUI Entrepreneur
Daniel Raab, Managing Director Fashionette
Oliver Serg, GENUI Investor



Acting in partnership is most important for us. Hence, we are just as happy to be minority shareholders as majority owners.

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What unites us at GENUI is that we believe in Good Entrepreneurship. And, we have the honest claim of treating each other with respect on eye level - within the team and beyond.

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GENUI's objective is to create long-term value for investors through a balance of economic, social and ecological measures. This is the core of what we call Good Entrepreneurship. It is reflected in our business processes and at all stages of the investment cycle.
Please see our 2020 ESG Report or click on the below chart for details.

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